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Re: VOTE | TOS Avatar Contest #36: Catspaw

And the winners are:

Cyberman AKA Praetor_Shinzon

TOS Theme: Red Shirts
Gore-ac AKA Orac

Random Theme: The Simpsons

Congrabulations Shinzon! You get a shiny Golden Spock medal!

Congrabulations JiNX! You get to pick the next Random theme!

And congrabulations to me! I get to pick the next TOS theme!

Once these have been submitted we'll proceed with the next contest...

Episode up next:

I, Mudd
Harry Mudd returns with a plot to take over the Enterprise by stranding the crew on a planet populated by androids under his command.
"Sorry, miss. I was giving myself an oil-job."
- Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet)

ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest #76: The Cloud Minders
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