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Re: Khan #1 Review

^ Meh. Khan is Khan, whether it be from episode or film. The STID Khan was the same one we saw in TOS. He's not suddenly a stand-up guy just because we get to see him cry crocodile tears over his "family".

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"Genocidal madman?" "Space Seed" made it clear that there were no massacres under Khan's rule, that he was the least brutal of the "supermen" who seized power. And the only time he was ever portrayed as a madman was in TWOK, as a result of 15-plus years of desperate hardship and the loss of his wife. Both SS and STID portray Khan as a very sane, intelligent, calculating antagonist; it's only the climactic ship-crash sequence that he's portrayed as vengeance-crazed (yet another reason I feel the film would've been better without that sequence). Other than that, I felt the film portrayed Khan rather sympathetically -- an aspiring conqueror with a ruthless streak, yes, but genuinely caring about his people and acting in the name of their survival and freedom.
You almost sound like you'd enjoy living under Khan's rule. Are you sure you want to be judged that way?
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