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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Enterprise boring? Did you try and watch season 3? The Xindi arc is amazing and some of the best ST I've ever seen. Was pleasantly surprised by it, actually.
I've stated several times that I don't like the Enterprise characters. I found them unlikeable, with the exception of the dog. He was cute.
Having revisited the show just recently, I can totally understand that given how badly written the characters were in the first two seasons. However, the third season was a real shot in the arm making the characters for the first time truly interesting and compelling to watch. A prime example is the portrayal of Trip, who started off as a dumb Southern charmer stereotype and then becomes a broken man trying to hide from pain he felt over the loss of his kid sister. Suddenly I started to actually care for them as people because the writers started to treat them as such rather than a bunch of cardboard cut outs. Give ENT a chance and maybe you'll find something rewarding in the end, I think it's totally worth giving it a shot for those later episodes. The fourth season, as many say, has some of the best Trek in the franchise.

Heck, season three does a better rip-off of Star Wars than Abrams Trek.
Ripping off Star Wars is hardly a recommendation in favor.

If Enterprise ever becomes available on Netflix, I'll give it another try. But I reserve the right to give up again if I continue to find it too ridiculous, too boring, or if Trip's accent annoys me too much.

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If you'll notice, a lot of stuff that was meant to be serious was campy. I find Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Big Valley, Rifleman, Perry Mason, Ironside, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Baywatch are all campy. In the future I will see people say "Look how campy Law and Order is with that camera shaking all over place. Everyone has an accusing attitude. HEy look that guy on CSI miami always walks sideways".
If something is meant to be serious, then by definition it can't be camp. That the production values or directing style seem outdated or quaint by comparison to shows being produced now isn't enough; "camp" implies conscious and deliberate exaggeration - it winks at you and says "Yes, I know." The Batman TV series was nearly always camp, for example, but Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Big Valley, Rifleman, Perry Mason, Ironside, and the original Star Trek series were not (though one could reasonably argue that there were moments in Trek's "Trouble With Tribbles" or "Piece of the Action" or "I, Mudd" episodes which were played camp.)
You must have missed the episodes of Bonanza that were intentionally funny. There were some.

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This is why I rank DS9 the best of all the spin-offs because that one wasn't afraid to get into the kind of comedic romps that TOS would have. I think TNG could have used more of that, though I understand Berman was very afraid of trying to do that because of earlier attempts like "The Naked Now" falling flat on its face. I don't put down TNG too much for not having as much humor as I'd like, because it does really shine with its own great episodes and I do admire some of the more dry humor they attempted in the last two seasons such as Data giving Worf his cat to take care of in "Phantasms".
I never found it funny that Data wanted Worf to take care of the cat. Data doesn't respect his own cat enough to be sure if it's male or female, he doesn't consider his cat sentient (any true cat parent will tell you otherwise), and Worf hates cats. So how was that anything funny?

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You're forgetting that TNG had quite a few of these over the years, they were just a lot better organized and mixed with serious content more fluidly. Take, for example, all of the Q episodes, all of the Luwaxana episodes...
Not all of Lwaxana's episodes were meant to be funny. The one guest starring David Ogden Stiers (where his character faced mandatory euthanasia just for having reached a particular age) was definitely a serious episode.

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6. Chekov - Yeah that is not Chekov...well he's Chekov, but he's not Pavel. He's Pavel's older brother...
This is really the only thing I can disagree with you about. I HATED Chekov in the TOS series, he was better in the movies though. Nu Chekov is better, but the character is supposed to be the most junior officer, so in order to wedge him in they had to make him this Doogie Hauser/Wesley Crusher genius boy. I actually would have preferred that they kept him out of the first movie.
Serious question: Why was nuChekov wearing those silly goggles? Were they to protect his eyes from something? Were they to help him see something better?
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