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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

Nemesis was a decent movie.

Baird didn't do a good job with the actors (which really hurt the movie) but he did give the film a more cinematic look than most Trek movies that preceded it.

Loved the dune buggy scene, and also liked how Baird created the bright look to contrast the dark look of the rest of the movie. The space battle at the end was fine too.

There were many talky scenes in the movie, and the deleted scenes that I saw were also talky. So including all the scenes would have created more pacing problems for the movie. Even Logan said he agreed with the cuts. Including all the scenes for a special longer home video version would be OK but for the theatrical release they had to cut some. Maybe they cut the wrong scenes, but (IMO) they had to cut some of the talky scenes.

The Picard clone plot was a bad idea. If I were in charge I would have vetoed that idea right from the start (as well as fountain of youth idea for Insurrection). Tom Hardy did the best he could with the role.
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