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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

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So. in A Ceremony of Losses, wherein Bashir gets access to the entire Shedai meta-genome, Sarina Douglas warns him that if Section 31 suspects that the meta-genome might get out it will not only kill anyone who might possibly have accessed the data, it would also probably commit genocide against the Andorians and blame it on the Tholians.

The idea of mass murder on such a scale isn't shocking to me. Section 31 was shown in the television series as being willing to commit genocide against the Founders, while Martin and Mangels' Rogue did establish that certain potential threat civilizations that the Federation had fleeting contact with did, well, disappear under unusual circumstances, to say nothing of the willingness of L'Haan to destroy Tezwa if needed. (I also don't see any reason to be suspicious of Sarina's statement, since we can probably take her to be reliable.)

I am taken aback by the idea that Section 31 would likely commit genocide against a species that was literally in the heart of the Federation. That is altogether different from committing mass murder against distant peoples of whom practically nothing is known. It's the difference between having your military go out beyond the frontiers and start massacring foreigners and having your military come into your cities and start killing everyone in sight.

This is astonishing recklessness. Am I wrong in thinking that a secretive organization ready to undertake such radical actions without authorization is set for a hard fall? Martin and Mangels, again, did establish in the early 24th century that Section 31 and its crimes had been revealed thanks to Bashir et al. I wonder what Mack's upcoming Disavowed will describe.

Honestly I think it pretty much kills any justification for Section 31 and/or their actions.
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