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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Slight tangent here, but Chris Jericho was awesome as a guest on Talking Dead afterwards, yes? I normally just skip through the random episode discussion to get to the behind the scenes stuff (reading the thread here is much more fulfilling!), but I was blown away by how prepared he was and how eloquently he presented his points. Made Gillian Jacobs seem mute by comparison, and I know she can be talkative too.
I don't get people being surprised about Chris Jericho. Yes, hew as a good guest, but it seems like people were expecting Marilyn Manson part II this past week! Granted, I don't know much about him, but it's not like he's the first guest to come prepared. If memory serves, it was another wrestler, C.M. Punk who came prepared last year, coincidentally sharing the couch with an actress from Community, Yvette Nichole Brown

Yonks better than what they had last week with Marylin Manson, for whom Hardwick had several indirect jabs this time. Not that Manson would be watching... It seems to be he wouldn't even remember being there last week.

On his new "game show", @Midnight, Hardwick took some jabs at Manson.

And for everything said about Manson it (a) got us talking about Talking Dead more than I think we ever have and (b) was entertaining in a, "staring at a car accident" kind of way.

My issue with Rick was his comment to Carol about her finding another group. The comment just came off as akin to "there are other fish in the sea," which is odd, seeing as how the number of humans keeps dropping. Granted there was the pair we met this episode (now at most a single guy), Tyrese's group, the Woodbury group, and that's all we've seen since season 2. It's not like Carol will be likely to run into other groups easily. Car or no car, in my opinion, sending someone out there to live on their own is a death sentence.

And what's to stop her from showing up at the prison? Seeing as how they are now run by a council, which Carol is (was) a member of, I don't think they'd be happy that Rick made the decision unanimously. Tyrese aside, I don't see the rest of the council agreeing with the exile of Carol, even when it comes to light what she did. I don't necessarily think they'd condone it, but I can't see any of them agreeing she needed to be exiled.
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