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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

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I did a search of the thread and noticed that no one has yet compared Bullock's scene getting out of the spacesuit, when she gets to the space station, with Barbarella's strip tease at the beginning of that film. Well, now someone has. The Bullock scene was nice, and a nice update of the Barbarella strip tease, but it was somewhat gratuitous. Given the urgency of her predicament, I really doubted she would have taken the time to disrobe like that. That is to say, I wouldn't have wasted any time like that. I guess we're supposed to believe that she was overwhelmed, and all.
No one seems to have complained that we got lengthy views of Bullock in her skivvies that, in some ways (given some missing gear that some astronauts have gone on about), are as gratuitous as the Alice Eve skivvies.
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