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Re: What do people want for the 50th?

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Guys, Blu-ray sales are not the only measure CBS Digital is using to decide to move forward with HD DS9. And they will not take a break--I expect that they will announce DS9 on Blu-ray during the work on the S7 TNG set. If they don't, then yeah, DS9 on Blu-ray is probably not happening. But it makes no sense to take a break, they are ramped up now.
According to people supposedly "in the know", has reported on its site and mentioned it here more than once that DS9-HD is entirely tied to the performance of TNG's Blu-ray sales (I've disagreed but have been told I'm wrong).

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I want TNG on Blu-ray because I want TNG on Blu-ray, not because buying it will lead to hypothetical releases down the road. Plus, I simply don't believe other series HD makeovers rely solely on how well TNG sells.
Woefully incorrect. Deep Space Nine is far more dependent on TNG Blu sales than you can imagine.
For them to keep up the release schedule, they would have to start working on DS9 season one here in the next few months to make an October 2014 release date for season one.
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