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Kirsten Beyer is seriously the PERFECT person to continue Voyager's narrative beyond the series itself, as is quickly made evident if you look at her background. She spent a good chunk of her life being a 'pitch artist' and familiarizing herself with Voyager and its characters to such a degree that I daresay she knew and knows the show and characters as well as if not better than some of the people who actually worked on the show and with its characters on a weekly basis.
I agree that she is a terrific writer and I did actually appreciate "The Eternal Tide".

My only problem, now when Janeway is back is that I miss the good, old crew from the early books. I can read books like "Homecoming", "Evolution" and "The Eternal Tide" and find them good and enjoyable. Then I re-read "The Black Shore", "Marooned" or "her Klingon Soul" and think: "Yes, this is what I really want!"

I guess that's one reason I've begin to think about Voyager as a lost cause and have started to look forward to something new. A new ship with some likeable characters.

I wouldn't mind to see Kirsten Beyer as the author for a new series. My only objection is that I don't want it to take place in the Abramsverse.
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