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Re: It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

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Yeah, I agree with all that.

Also, personally, I hate working on my birthday, so I don't. It feels wrong somehow to work on my birthday.

(I'm over 30 now )
I agree with this. Since I started working, I have never worked on my birthday. I always schedule a vacation day, sometimes two, since my birthday is July 2nd. I try and combine it with the Independence day holiday and make a long weekend of it.
Me, too. Even though I'm married, I have discovered that if I want to celebrate my birthday, I have to plan it myself. I always take a day off of work for my birthday and do whatever I want. I INFORM hubby that he's taking me out to dinner somewhere nice. This year, I planned a joint birthday party with a friend who has birthday just a week or so after mine. We planned a big Doctor Who themed party and invited all our friends. If I hadn't taken the initiative, that would have never happened.

So, Brent, make your own birthday special for YOU.
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