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Re: What happened with Kes and Neelix?

Kes: Neelix, are you dealing Drugs?

Neelix: Yes Sweeting, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kes: Can I try some?

Neelix: No, of course not!

Kes: I will not be treated like a child! Give me some gear, or you're flicked!


Neelix got inbetween Kes and the monkey on her back, and THAT's why they broke up... Worst threesome ever?


Isn't this the episode where Neelix says "I'm an ignorant useless son of a bitch and no one needs me, I might as well space myself for all the worth I am to this crew... No body loves me, I suck."

So the original plan, was that Neelix works super hard to make sure that Janeway doesn't maroon him on a passing moon only for Kes to exile him to the no sex club.

That's a way better ending to that episode.
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