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Re: Trek authors who have also written for Doctor Who

John Clark wrote: View Post
David A McIntee is another who has done work on both
I knew I was going to leave someone out. Lonemagpie is probably cursing my name as I type this!

I also left out Paul Kupperberg and Kevin Killiany.

Noddy wrote: View Post
Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
I'm sure I'm going to leave some people out...

Mike W. Barr
Peter David
Keith R.A. DeCandido
John S. Drew
Diane Duane
Allyn Gibson
Una McCormack
Robert T. Jeschonek
Terri Osborne
James Swallow
Richard C. White
What stories did they write?
Keith was in Decalog 3.

Mike W. Barr, Keith DeCandido, Kevin Killiany, and Paul Kupperberg were in Destination Prague. Also in that volume was Chris Roberson, who later wrote Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes for IDW publishing.

The rest were in The Quality of Leadership.

There was another Trek author-heavy Short Trips anthology that was in development when Big Finish gave up the license. I'd have to look at old e-mails to refresh my memory about who was invited; I think Dayton Ward was in the frame for that one. The story I pitched was a Six/Charlie story that was pretty clever.
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