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Re: The most fun experience you had with nuTrek.

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Having the same people who called me 'geeky' for being a fan ALL THESE YEARS now say they LOVE STID.
I had somewhat the same experience with STIX. I went with two very fashionable, very handsome, very professional (and fairly intimidating) friends -- the last people I would think would have any real knowledge of Trek. They invited me because I'm perhaps one of the more renowned Trekkies in our group of friends.

But throughout the movie, the little nods here and there ("Ambassador" Spock, the throwback-styled sound effects, even Archer's beagle!) kept signalling things off. They laughed with nostalgia. They sat up in their chairs. Them trying to mutter under their breaths, "I remember that!" Essentially, the last two people in the world, whom I would have pegged as Trekkies gradually revealed themselves, and to me it was an important lesson to not judge a book by its cover.

After the movie, we went out for dinner and hung out some more, but even *I* was starting to tire from talking about the movie and all its references to pre-Abrams Trek. But who was I to stop them from having their fun?
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