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Re: Peeling "The Apple"

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And dare I mentioned that I have an autographed photo of Celeste Yarnall on my wall, only a few feet away from where I'm typing this? (Celeste tried to talk me into writing her character into the novels once . . ..)
If I may... why not? No interest in the character of Landon; haven't found a suitable plot to plug the character into...?
I was wondering why not as well.
Honestly, I have written Landon into the background of a few bridge scenes, when I needed a random officer. But, yeah, I haven't really been inspired to come up with a story where her character would play a significant part.

To be honest, I have yet to do much with Chekov in any of my books, let alone his girlfriend. I really need to remedy that one of these days. (Most of my TOS books end up being very Kirk-centric, although I made a real effort to highlight Sulu and Uhura in my last book.)
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