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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

Okay so i've read through this thread about three times and done enough face palming to win the captain picard facepalm medal of valour.

Seriously Kommander, you are making all of these ridiculous assumptions about a guy you don't even know and contemplating even more ridiculous scenarios like him potentially getting violent over a girl from what i can gather you haven't even asked on a date yet.

Just grow a pair of balls, be a mature adult and ask her out.

By the way i got lost some where between all the nonsense about odin stealing stuff out of your fridge and the photo of you with fedora and the massive walls of text you were posting. so if you have asked her out i apologise.

Regardless, you come across to me as a possessive, insecure and over-analytical. All these attributes are going to push this girl away. Also all that noise about being attracted to women who are severely damaged emotionally makes you sound predatory and creepy. Again not attractive.

Also that fedora of yours needs be burnt, stamped on and put in a steel box. You need to then get on the first boat heading over either the mariana trench or laurentian abyss (i forget which is deeper) and drop that fucker so it can be crushed to smithereens by the pressure. You do not pull it off dude, no body does.

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