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Not that we see them for long, since as soon as they're introduced we get the big robot they all join into, rendering the individual components pretty much redundant.
With the exceptions of the Shogun Zords, Super Zeo Zords and Rescue Zords, which fought independently quite frequently.

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One wonders why no one ever just LEAVES the giant mecha in one piece and deploys it that way each time
Zeo did that. The completed Super Zeo Megazord is launched out of the holding bay cannon in "Another Song and Dance" and "Rangers of Two Worlds" part 2.

In some cases, it's probably impractical if the storage facility isn't large enough to accomodate a fully assembled robot, or it makes it easier to be hijacked, such as what happened with the Lifeforce Megazord in PRLR.

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instead of wasting precious seconds transforming while the bad guy always stands and watches without doing anything...
Pirantishead being an exception. Although granted, that was more of a plot device for "The Mutiny" part 1.
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