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Re: Assassins Creed IV

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There were some things in AC3 regarding the gameplay mechanics that were left completely unexplained (or I just missed them), and I had to look online to understand it (if I didn't already knew it from the previous games). Stuff like that didn't happen in AC2, every gameplay element was introduced well in the story before you needed to use it. How about AC4?
It's better about it than AC3, but there have still been some things I've come across first before ever having to do them in the story. Things like various Mayan ruins/puzzles. I'd already stumbled across and solved a few of them before the story explained what they were.

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OK I almost threw my controller across the room... I'm on the mission where you have to infiltrate the Assassin island and slip by 50 goddamn guards without killing anyone. I must've played it 50 goddamn times before I got to the very end and died yet again. Ugh! I hate it when I'm forced to play stealth because I'm no good at it and I just want to rush through and kill people already!
That part took me FOREVER.
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