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Re: TOS' incorrect world war I/II dead

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The fact that the previous two de Forest memos (dated May 10, 1967 and September 7, 1967) didn't address this suggests that this dialogue was a last minute change. That's also supported by the fact that the episode brings up World War III, a topic which NBC had specifically asked Roddenberry to avoid previously (on May 17, 1966, in reference to a revision of 'The Corbomite Maneuver'):

Stan Robertson wrote:
As we discussed, a suggestion would be that on Page 48 of this draft, it be made pointedly clear that there was no “World War III” between the Sino-Western powers. Let’s keep emphasizing with our writers, as we know you have been, that this is a topic we’d like to avoid.
Based on that quote, the issue seems to be more to avoid specific mention of the combatants in hypothetical future wars.
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