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Am I the only one that liked it? It was a table setting mission with a lot of dialogue, and I thought they put a lot of effort into the details.

Needed to be way harder.
The basic story was good. The problem is, what should have been a heart pounding escape from enemy territory with important intel (while saving New Romulus). Yet, there's no sense of danger while playing the mission and instead, it somehow got turned into a yawnfest.

They did a terrible job with pacing the mission by adding unnecessary and boring tasks like "checking the numbers" and scanning cargo boxes. As a result the tension in the story is totally lost.
It also needed to be way creepier; yet another episode released around Halloween that still isn't as "scary" as "What Lies Beneath".

It had some of the ingredients needed; the solanogen-based lifeforms; the active spying on various worlds around the galaxy, but stuff like the lighting was too bright and flat, it would have been nice to have needed to use flashlights for the initial part.

The Solanae needed a bigger presence as well, not necessarily seen, though catching glimpses of their shadows in the distance would help, but having their influence around you be felt; such as having members of your group slowly disappearing (somehow) as you wandered around one by one in the dark, and more effective use of the clicking sound they make.
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