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Re: It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

Oh believe me I've had birthdays where not a single person said happy birthday, texted or called. Now I have older kids who make my birthday absolutely fantastic every year which I am extremely grateful for. In fact, I have to tone them down. I don't talk about the shitty years, because it means talking about the shitty people who shittily did nothing and I like to be positive. But it's funny I always think about those terrible lonely birthdays when I'm having my nowadays wonderful ones.

Of course it took a lot of decades to get to the better ones.

I will say one thing helps Brent, if during this next year you are aware it is someone else's birthday, whether you know them well or not, do some nice thing for them. Box of chocolates will do. It can be really nice to have someone remember and if people don't do it for you you can feel better by doing it for others.

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