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Re: It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

I had a birthday last week. My best friend took me to dinner, and I got a few texts, but in general (which is usual for my birthday) nothing happens on the level of what most of my friends do for theirs. Never ONCE have I had a surprise party or anything arranged, or a group get-together with anyone aside from my parents and brother.

Everyone else seems to. I never do. Just once, I'd like that to happen. I've planned things for other friends' birthdays but they never return the favor. And texting has seemed to replace calling these days. That sucks. How much effort does it take to call someone on their birthday? My mother taught me that was the polite thing to do. Now, it seems that less and less people do it. What the heck has happened to people?

Anyway, at least I haven't hit 30 yet. Maybe next year when I do hit 30, it'll be different.

And happy birthday to you, Brent!
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