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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

^ Wait what? Really? Awesome. It's not entirely clear from this episode if Ursula's going to be evil or not - she was being honored after all, and the bad stuff was all Regina's doing. Hopefully less childishly petty than Regina at least.

Another really good episode. Really enjoyed Ariel's story, and thought the actress did a great job. Definitely a fun take on the story too. The cave of secrets scene was mostly a lot of fun, though I'm wondering where they go with Hook now that they've set up a... sort of love triangle. I really hope they don't kill him off or turn him evil again out of jealousy since he's become one of my very favorites (and has been pretty much consistently heroic this season, interestingly enough). And of course there's still the "what to do about Charming's curse?"

Back to Storybrooke next week! Should be fun to see how they end up beating Pan... or at least rescuing Henry and escaping. It would be nice to get some more details on why Pan wants Henry at some point...


Speaking of the Load and Loads of Characters this show has, are we ever gonna see more of Robin Hood and Mulan? Other than Robin's appearance on Once: Wonderland I mean (or, considering Will Scarlet's a lead there, maybe we could see them on that show instead...)
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