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It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to

Today is my birthday. Here is what will happen.

1.) I will stay up all night working.

2.) I will not go to sleep, but rather keep working through morning.

3.) I will work all day in a semi awake/sleep state.

4.) I will of course eat throughout the day.

5.) I may take some time and fire up STO later in the day, catch all my TV programs for the day.

6.) I will go to sleep later that night, and repeat the next day the same.

What will not happen.

1.) I will not get invited to go out anywhere for my birthday.

2.) I will not have a birthday dinner.

3.) I may get a couple of texts, or phone calls, to wish me happy birthday, may.

4.) My own sister that lives 10 minutes away will ignore my existence as usual. That one hurts the most.

and more....

And I'm getting older, 34, I feel old.
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