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Re: What do people want for the 50th?

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A NuTrek movie.
A two-hour special similar to the 25th anniversary special.
DS9 in HD.
That's exactly what we're getting, and it's a hell of a lot more than Who's 50th.
Is it really?

Doctor Who gets seven episodes of regular series (a little over half a regular series in other words), as well as a docudrama, an anniversary special that's feature length being shown in cinemas in 3D with previous cast members present (and the special also has associated "minisodes"), and a Christmas special.

For Trek's 50th, we're most likely getting a film (which is either good or bad depending on your opinion of rebooted Trek so far, but it's still a film with "Star Trek" on it, so counts). We might get DS9 in HD in Blu-Ray but Doctor Who already has all the last seven series on Blu-ray coming out so that's a match, and we don't know whether there's any "two hour special" yet. Nor am I holding my breath that there will be one.
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