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But that's just the problem -- lately, the two seem to have become interchangeable. Movies are playing on 9/11 imagery, but not to make a statement, simply to indulge in spectacle. 9/11 wasn't just about buildings falling down, it was about the human cost, the shocking emotional impact. And that's what was all but missing from STID aside from a token acknowledgment at the end, and that's what was completely and utterly missing from Man of Steel. And so if those were attempts to comment on 9/11 in some way, they failed profoundly. By contrast, the Marvel Cinematic Universe got it right -- the human impact of the attack was acknowledged during the climax of The Avengers, and the aftermath has been addressed in two subseuqent installments of the franchise, Iron Man 3 and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's more than just empty spectacle there.
I disagree completely, Into Darkness was there, even for a few moments, in the streets as we watched the people look in terror at the scene developing in San Fransisco. The "token" acknowledgement at the end was an entire speech about remembering the best part of us, the deaths a year (movie time) earlier were remembered in that speech. Was it a long, protracted exposition? No, and that would've killed the message they were trying to convey. It wouldn't have fit in the movie.

But while we're on the subject of spectacle, why would Into Darkness be special in that regard? First Contact showed a massive space battle in which at least dozen ships were shown to have been destroyed. Hundreds more could've been lost and God knows how many people dead. Where was the acknowledgement then? Or Romeo and Juliet where people died and a city's security compromised because of a blood feud and a piss poor romance?

Spectacle is something we are used to and something we as a civilization has enjoyed for many, many years. You say that the attack on San Fransisco was done just for disaster porn and at least insinuated that it was done in bad taste. I say otherwise, the attack could've been fleshed out more but it would not have been conducive to the message Bad Robot was trying to convey.

One last thing, 9/11 is still fresh in our minds, they do not need to remind us of the pain, but power through the message that yes, the world is going to get better if we act for it, not if we are angry or rash.
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