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Re: stargate sg1 season 6-10 worth watching?

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thanks for all your replies I just have a few more questions. is star gate universe season 2 a improvement from season one because I heard season one was bad. Also is all of star gate Atlantis worth watching I heard season one is good. lastly are the two movies ark of truth and continuum any good?
SGU season 1 was disappointing and it was just too much nonsensical infighting between the crew. Season 2 was better, and there are two episodes towards the end of season 2 which are probably in my top 10 Stargate episodes of all time.

I really liked Atlantis. It's not as good as SG-1, but it has it's moments, and some great characters. It's well worth watching, but I'd finish SG-1 first.

The two movies follow SG-1, and The Ark of Truth resolves the Ori storyline that was established in seasons 9 and 10.
It's ok.

Continum is a stand alone movie, and I liked it quite a bit,

There is also a cartoon, Stargate Infinity which just flat out sucks. It's not really associated with the franchise, so avoid this one at all costs.
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