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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Right, in a large open space that's not airtight and can't be made airtight with any surety, which means calling the patients there "isolated" is delusional in the extreme, especially if we find out that the disease is airborne!
The disease is likely airborne, as that's typically how a flu will be transmitted, but usually a disease like that being airborne in a non-ventilated space means that it would not have much range. Isolating people far from the other group is actually a pretty safe bet in that case (with the exception that people were already infected). Murdering them won't change the level of pathogens already in the air.

Which, again, requires risking getting overrun by hordes of dead people trying to eat you. How do you keep missing that?
They're already in a scavenging situation just to survive, so adding medications to that list would be a priority.

Do you know how long it takes to create a useful anti-viral? Or what resources you need? They are in an abandoned prison. Not a Merck Lab.
I never said anything about anti-virals. Hershel said it wasn't the virus that was killing, but the secondary infection, which is why he said they need antibiotics. It is possible for them to be creating something like a basic form of penicilin. Or to even be coming up with more natural remedies like the elderberries that Hershel collected.

It's a solution that takes into account their current reality, not medical knowedge that, while up-to-date, is only useful in a functioning society. Whatever you want to call their situation, "functional" ain't the word for it.
So do you then condone that they should kill every person with symptoms?

Their current reality allows for basic precautions to be taken that don't have to involve murder, which won't even work.
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