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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

^ Nah. Not really. I mean in certain situations sure, I guess you could wear that getup and look good in context of the situation, but do you wear that hat all the time? It's not 1936. I mean, I appreciate dressing up just as much as the next man and I think men should dress well to make an impression. But you're making the wrong impression with that 1930's nightclub look.

Indiana Jones also didn't wear his hat all the time.

Take it from someone who fixated on girls in college who were kinda/sorta/maybe/maybe not into me and made assumptions about their "douchebag"'s not worth it. There are tons of women out there. Get comfortable with knowing a lot of them and knowing that they all have guys around them whether you like it or not. But the guys aren't your problem. Just focus on spending time with her first, establishing a HEALTHY interplay, then date.

Also, quit the Facebook stalking. It does nothing but feed your negativity. De-friend that girl for awhile and interact with her in the real world more. Make her REALLY your friend.
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