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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I've never seen a fan uniform that looks even half as good as what is seen on screen anyway, so I guess that point is moot

I guess that's the difference between a merchandising company looking to make a quick buck and a fully budgeted costume department

Even the ones used on fan videos such as Hidden Frontier don't come up to scratch, more's the pity.
It takes more than a few picard maneuvers to pull them off
What about the uniforms made by Anovos? They are supposed to be screen accurate. For the price, I sure hope they are.
I thought about posting the same thing yesterday, but I believe the key part of his post is fan uniform, which to me meant a cheap halloween costume (like those made by rubies, or made cheaply by hand). I think it's fair to consider the Anovos and some of the expensive fan made uniforms are more replicas than costumes.

Similar to comparing the old Playmates toys to the work of QMx or some of the high quality fan props.
Well, yeah, considering I've never heard of such uniforms, I was just referring to fan videos such as Hidden Frontier or that time the Trek Fan got on the news for going to court in her uniform or the Trek fan who got on the news for making his flat look like the Enterprise bridge etc etc.....
They go to all the effort of doing something creative with their fandom then fall at the first hurdle of having a bad looking uniform that ruins the effect.

But that's the difference between your local costume shop and a fully budgeted costuming department of a TV show or movie, I guess.
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