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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Ceasefire brings the return of Shran yaaay. So I really liked this episode so much that I watched it twice. Ambassador Soval never really registered before. He just seemed to be there but not really stand out. After watching Ceasefire I really like him.

Soval seems to strongly dislike Archer and I cant really blame him given Archers rude behaviour towards Vulcans in general especially during season one. He hasnít spent the last season and a half hanging out on Enterprise with Archer so he hasnít seen Archers attitude towards Vulcans gradually change. From his perspective he has been putting a lot fo hard work and time into opening talks with the Andorians with the hope of ending the conflict only to be told that he has to have Archer, that aggressive and highly illogical human, as a mediator or the Andorians wont listen.

But unlike a fair few Vulcans in this series he doesnít let his own dislike of Archer blind his reasoning or interfere with his ambassador duties. He does what is best for bringing an end to the conflict and agrees to go meet with Shran. Then comes the fun part of the episode as the shuttle gets shot down and our heroes have to wander round a war zone dodging gunfire and trading snarky banter. I love this whole setup and how Sovalís previous experience of the planet ties in and is useful.

The situation with Shrans second in command betraying the negotiations before they even begin is given enough foreshadowing to be predictable but they also give her enough development to be more than just an obvious villain. I find it funny that Archer got beat up by her but I am also oddly pleased that when he fought back he didnít hold back or try to underestimate her. She was an experienced soldier who had earned her high rank even if she did end up losing it all due to villainous plotting.

Little touches that I liked where Soval not understanding what the balls in your court meant, his questioning why humans are so fixated on Vulcan ears and Típols brilliant response, the look of smug satisfaction on Reeds face when told to initiate red alert, Shranís toast to mutual dissatisfaction of everyone and how vulcans donít drink but Soval was willing to make an exception.

This episode gets a full five stars
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