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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Thatís Rachel Nichols

I never would have guessed. Anyhow in other news I finished watching season 2 of Enterprise yaaay. I will post my thoughts on all the episodes I watched before I start season 3 though it may take a couple days.


It felt like Típols illness came outta left field and didnít like that Archer was initially angry at Típol and Phlox for not revealing confidential medical info that did not in any way affect Típols ability to do her job (at least not yet anyhow).

The rest of the episode was good Archer was properly angry on Típols behalf and frustrated by her unwillingness to stand up for herself. Típol had a great reason for not revealing the circumstances that led to her affliction. The Vulcan doctor who outed himself for her was a good character I liked him. I hope we get some follow up on this later down the line. This episode gets four stars.
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