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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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It's not a rational option at all. It's primitive, doesn't work, and ignores many basic facts about the spread of these types of disease. The best thing at her disposal was to do what they are doing now by isolating those with the disease,
Right, in a large open space that's not airtight and can't be made airtight with any surety, which means calling the patients there "isolated" is delusional in the extreme, especially if we find out that the disease is airborne!

looking for preexisting medications,
Which, again, requires risking getting overrun by hordes of dead people trying to eat you. How do you keep missing that?

and possibly cultivating new remedies.
Do you know how long it takes to create a useful anti-viral? Or what resources you need? They are in an abandoned prison. Not a Merck Lab.

Murdering them before they turn isn't really a solution, it's just psychopathic.
It's a solution that takes into account their current reality, not medical knowedge that, while up-to-date, is only useful in a functioning society. Whatever you want to call their situation, "functional" ain't the word for it.
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