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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

88. Supergirl: D
89. Escape Plan: B+
90. Prisoners: A
91. Disappearance of Alice Creed: A
92. Deathrace 2000: C+

The one time I saw this it was on basic cable, something like USA Up All Night or some such back in the early 90's and was edited, well, to death.

It's been floating in my Netflix queue awhile now and finally worked it's way up and seeing Stallone play the cliche Italian mobster driver Machine Gun Joe was a bit comedic. Especially when he opens up at the races start with that Tommy Gun.

Keeping in mind the era of the film and director this movie was decent but purely meant to be exploitive and shocking for the sake of it...I think. While there is a political narrative running through the film I didn't instantly recognize what I thought was commentary on 60s/70s political goings on but if there were I'd be curious to hear someones reply. The fact that the French are so vilified and given credit for being such a force struck me as odd. The French? Really? That had to be part of the joke.

Having seen it the film does have enough of it's own rough edits but clearly the cable edits I saw were more for censoring the nudity than anything.

Next up is Thor Dark World on Thursday evening!! Then I can stop avoiding that thread.
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