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Re: The Prime Alternative

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It has to be noted that the MSD was created by Deif. Everything about this ship and its artwork is amazing
THANK YOU DARREN (admiral_reliant)...YOU ROCK!

Prime Alternative MSD created by Deif >


[I][B]Or link here to download MSD >

Page link LCARSC:

This MSD was Commissioned by Darren "admiral_reliant"; owner/creator of the Outstanding "StarTrekBlog"
Darren's startrekblog website here:

[B]This is So Awesome!!!!
Both Ricky Wallace (MadMan1701A) and I (1701TPA) offer OUR sincere Thanks and Complements to both David (Deif) for his incredible skill and artistry; and you Darren for your generosity, adding additional technical depth to the architecture of our Prime Alternative Project...

MSD ANIMATION BY RICKY (MadMan 1701A) WALLACE: < go full screen w/ sound on >

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