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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Then he should have exiled himself for murdering Shane...
I've already explained why Rick's motives and lack of action were suspect after Shane tried to take his head off at the school. Either Rick was saving Shane for later (eternally pissed that shane had his way with loose Lori) or he's the most clueless man on earth. Take your pick.

At a time when the whole group was at risk from The Governor and Rick was Ricktator and Chief. Also he DIDN'T hand her over speaks larger.
So, you're willing to excuse him for being the "Ricktator," and are satisfied with the fact he even considered handing Michonne over to the Governor?

There's no defense for that. He was placing her head on the chopping block. A living person--not a walker or someone on their way to becoming one, as in the case of Karen.
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