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Re: The Voice (U.S.)

I thought that there were many good performances last night, much better than the knockout rounds. I liked Cole, Austin, Shelbie, and Tessanne. I am on the fence about James Wolpert.

I did like Will Champlin, but I'm surprised to see that he's doing so well since he strikes me as one of the more boring contestants. After his song last night I even said to myself that I didn't think he had a chance of winning this thing, simply because he doesn't seem to have a lot of charisma. But I do hope that he does well, because he has talent, and that's what I care more about.

As for Grey, Preston, and Ray Boudreaux...I don't even really remember their performances. Actually, I do remember Grey's - I fast forwarded through it because I didn't like it at all.

Nic...I feel like I shouldn't like him, because he definitely doesn't have the best singing talent in the competition, but for some reason I do. Even if he doesn't go far on this show, I hope he makes a good career out of this, because he is damn entertaining.
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