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Re: Peeling "The Apple"

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And what's with the bit where Kirk says to Scotty: "If you can't get those warp engines working, you're fired"? Fired? They're the C.O. and chief engineer of a military starship, not a civilian employee and his boss. I suppose that line could have been meant as a joke, but it just comes across as sloppy writing.
It's meant to be a jokey way of saying, "I'll be very unhappy with you," which makes it a way of showing Kirk's persona as a man who bonds with his crew and who doesn't just snap out orders. This means that it's not sloppy writing; it's character-based writing.
It wasn't really jokey, it was graveyard humor. Kirk knew Scotty was doing everything humanly possible and Scotty knew they were screwed if they didn't get the engines, but Kirk is the boss and he has to do something to inspire his crew, so it was a half-hearted joke instead of wasting their time with a tirade. I thought it was a bit of excellent writing, amid some, well, not so great writing.
Well, maybe it was just too subtle for me.
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