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Re: Joe Cornish To Direct STAR TREK 3?

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Given the reports of Abrams getting frustrated over CBS not stopping TOS merchandise like he demanded...
I'm pretty sure TrekMovie ran an article that pretty much debunked the above.

But if it is true, I can understand where Abrams is coming from (even if I disagree). He would essentially be competing with TOS merchandise, which he probably saw as a bad thing.
Same here, I think both sides are very understandable. CBS has a cash cow, why throw it out? Abrams wants to set up his own brand, why confuse it with an older one? He probably would have had a lot more freedom starting a TV show with new characters instead of having to license older ones. Given how audiences bought up the two nuTrek films, I think he would have been able to pull it off on TV, incorporating the jovial tone and sense of fun that attracts viewers. And nobody can tell him what he can and cannot do.
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