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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Just look and see what we had. We had this universe created in TNG, DS9 and VOY with hundreds of exciting races and enormous possibilities to come up with good stories about all this. And what do the fools do? They regress back to pre-TOS, followed by a lousy remake of the same series. It's like if the whole music industry should abandon the technology of today and go back to 78 rpm records and technology from the 30's.
No it's not. "How did the Federation come about?" is a question fans have been asking since TOS. How do you tell that story? A prequel. The execution was hit-and-miss (miss in seasons one and two, BIG hit in three and four IMO), but the concept of a prequel is a sound one.

And how else do you tell new stories with a young Kirk and Spock, without having to worry about fans going, "We know they'll make it because Kirk doesn't die until in Generations"? You reboot it so those prior destinies are irrelevant. We now have that same universe with hundreds of races, but where anything can happen.
It was not "adament stubborn entitlement" which (temporarily) killed the primeverse (the real Star Trek) but greed and stupidity.
Fans said the exact same thing with reference to TOS when Next Generation came along
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