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Re: The Voice (U.S.)

James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, Austin Jenckes and Will Champlin seem to be the ones killing it on iTunes (With Ray Bordreaux and Cole close behind). Shelbie Z and Nic Hawk are way down and Grey isn't anywhere to be seen.

I didn't think Wolpert's was the best performance of the night but I did think the song choice was cool and he had moments of awesomeness. But moreover, I think it's awesome that this is the sort of performance people are voting for this year. All the more straight up pop and pop-country stuff (Even the performances I liked) are farther down the chart.

I wouldn't be too sad if the six who sold well are the six to advance. But I would be happier if Cole and Austin made it on votes and Blake used the blond exemption on Shelbie Z.
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