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Re: Q

I liked that Q was less of a "villain type" in VOY actually. I agree that Q was used way more for comedy in VOY than in TNG. John de Lancie is so awesome at comedy...I don't think he could have stayed a straight "villain" for long. Even on TNG.

I do think he was really great in TNG and tended to speak a lot more about how humans needed to prove themselves and realize the dangers and consequences of space exloration...especially Q's role in "All Good Things..."

However I liked his role in VOY too. He was comical and I enjoyed the parallel of his banter and rapport with Janeway and how it mirrored Q's relationship with Picard.

I always looked forward to a Q episode, to be honest. I have to say though, "Death Wish" never did it for me really. I prefer "The Q and the Grey" if I want a dose of Q in VOY although the Civil War analogy fell flat for me...but I loved how Janeway shows compassion for him at the end. And I love how he tries to seduce her in the beginning.

I wish Q had more appearances on DS9! They teased me with that 1 episode. I was expecting him to pop in at least a few more times. -___-
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