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Re: Peeling "The Apple"

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But by the middle of the second season, the forced jokey ending was already becoming a Trek cliché.
I wouldn't mind a GOOD jokey ending, but they were often so very labored.

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And what's with the bit where Kirk says to Scotty: "If you can't get those warp engines working, you're fired"? Fired? They're the C.O. and chief engineer of a military starship, not a civilian employee and his boss. I suppose that line could have been meant as a joke, but it just comes across as sloppy writing.
It's meant to be a jokey way of saying, "I'll be very unhappy with you," which makes it a way of showing Kirk's persona as a man who bonds with his crew and who doesn't just snap out orders. This means that it's not sloppy writing; it's character-based writing.
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