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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I'm still waiting for on example of a film ... that has been rebooted and then returned to a previous continuity.
Superman Returns. I think I stated that in this thread already.
Since the "reboot" did not really occur until Man of Steel in 2013, the Reeves movie franchise was still the current one by the time of Superman Returns. It counts as a very late sequel, with a recasting of the same canon main character.

It wasn't simply that Trek went off the air for some other reason, it was taken off, cancelled, and the sets physically destroyed shortly after as a clear GTFO.

No one but a tiny vocal group of people that still cannot let go of it after it's death wanted it, and it was certainly far too boring, expensive and tired out to keep going.

The reboot has buried it, anything that follows will be entirely new, and rightly so.
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