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Re: If you could have one piece of trek tech, what would it be?

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I didn't include starships because it counts as multiple techs but just so physics can't complain, selecting a Warp Drive will give you inertial dampeners, deflector arrays, and shields. You pick the vessel it flys in but that's all it does. I forgot to add shields separate so I'll give it to Warp Drive choosers, to Holodeck choosers (an inside out Holodeck could produce force fields), and Mobile Emitter choosers.

I didn't include torpedoes because no.
Cool. Still useless without a starship though. Who's gonna build it? Lockheed Martin? Richard Branson? It'll cost like $558,000,000,000,000. And we'll have to actually create a Starfleet to man it, 'cus they're not just gonna hand me the keys when they're finished (which sucks).

Unless that warp drive (and bonus parts) come with a very generous stipend, I'll stick with the transporter.

(I'll stop taking the piss with your poll now bbjeg )
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