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Re: How Powerful Are The Q / Continuum?

It could be argued that even if they were using some technology, they could still be considered omnipotent.

OTOH, the Q might not be using technology at all.

Some beings are shown doing powerful things simply with the power of their minds without using technology.

The John Doe character from TNG evolved into some type of energy being, and did things with a thought. So did the Ocompa and maybe the Dowd.

I remember when TNG was on, the Q were considered absolutely all powerful and awesome, and now, they're not as awesome, because they might be using some type of technology to do what they did.

Like the wizard of Oz. Blame Voyager again

So does the debate mean that if they used technology it makes them less godlike, or if it's totally natural it makes them more godlike?
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