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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

^Does that include those Moffat episodes that aired during RTD's run?

Of course the one factor that is intangible is that we are talking about very different situations. RTD brought the show back and it was new and flashy and drew in huge numbers of viewers. Moffat on the other hand took on a show that had been running for 5 years and that you could argue had slightly oversaturated the market with a profusion of spinoffs, and a percentage of viewers were probably tiring of it anyway. Plus a show which had just lost its popular leading man (and let’s be honest I bet more than a few people decided to jump ship when DT did). I firmly believe there'd have been a drop off in viewers anyway because that's what happens to even the most successful of series, in fact I think even if RTD had stayed there'd have been a drop off (and probably even a bigger drop off), because RTD-Who was becoming very repetitive, and I'd hope even a fan of the man would realise that (certainly I think he realised it).

Moffat hasn't had a perfect run for a variety of reasons and I wouldn’t deny that some of them were down to him, but given he took on a show some viewers might be getting tired of, a show that had lost one of the most popular Doctors of all time, and a show that had suddenly to be made in more austere times, the fact that it is still one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, and that he cast a Doctor who is very popular (and sod what any poll says, Tennant might be more popular but that doesn’t mean Smith isn’t, I’ve been to various events, and I’ve seen just how many little kids dress up as the 11th Doctor) and that he runs a show that can still pull in 6 million people just to announce who the next Doctor’s going to be…well, sometimes I don’t think Moffat gets enough credit if I’m honest.

Of course without access to our own Tardis, and the ability to change history, we’ll never know, which is why you’ll go on believing that in another universe RTD and Jesus, sorry I mean Tennant, are still making the same old show and gazillions of people still tune in every Saturday, and that on November 23rd all 10 doctors will get together for a three hour epic, whilst I see another world where Who was cancelled 2 years after Tennant left and where the anniversary is being celebrated by nothing other than a few documentaries and Russell Tovey doing some 11th Doctor audios for BF
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