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Re: If you could have one piece of trek tech, what would it be?

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I can't even begin to imagine why I'd need a cloaking device if I didn't have warp drive. What possible use would it be on Earth outside of the military?

You can walk around inside people's houses and look at them. Also, theft.
Last time I check, cloaking devices were rather bulky things. I doubt I'd be able to fit through the door, or even walk, let alone skulk around without knocking over...everything.

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What good is a warp drive without a starship to put it in?
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A ship-less warp drive (again, why are we assuming this?) would be as useful to me as a paperweight. If that's what bbjeg meant, then I guess I'd default to the transporter as I vociferously hate commuting.
In the thread about this thread I believe bbjeg stated there would be no starships included as tech.
Really? What a strange idea. I can't recall a single instance of a warp drive depicted on Star Trek not attached to a ship, from TOS onward. It's for propelling spacecraft to warp. It has no other use.

Oh well, it's bbjeg's poll. Y'all can have this junk back. I'll take one of those transporters, please.
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