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Re: If you could have one piece of trek tech, what would it be?

Definitely the warp drive (which, I'm assuming, is attached to a starship...otherwise what's the point of including it? It's the only tech with no independent use.).

TBH, I think I'd end up feeling about the holodeck the way a lot of Trek characters feel. It's a lifeless, hollow puppet show. A giant empty box, full of sound and fury (and lights and forcefields), signifying nothing (to paraphrase the bard). Fun for thrills, but hardly comparable to a warp capable starship.

At least in the West, we already have access to pretty much every kind of food there is. If the appeal is variety then in some ways, the internet is a replicator. The food just doesn't appear on your plate quite instantaneously. If the appeal is "instant", then it's one I don't share.

I must admit, the transporter is tempting, but ultimately as frustrating as it can be at times (with traffic and airport screening and all the other inconveniences), I can technically go almost anywhere on Earth I want to go. Can't say the same for space.

A gun is a gun (and we already have non-lethal options).

We already have scanning devices almost as capable as tricorders, though few as small (and none of which I need anyway).

I can't even begin to imagine why I'd need a cloaking device if I didn't have warp drive. What possible use would it be on Earth outside of the military?

A UT could be useful…...for the human race. I'll stick with organic language learning and keep my starship.

Having artificial colleagues and assistants would be fun, but wouldn't necessarily be more valuable than human ones. A mobile emitter for a non-sentient hologram would be more useful, but again…starship.

All that compared to traveling to other star systems and seeing alien life and possibly even civilization (and a whole bunch of other crazy shit) first hand within my lifetime (or even within the week)? There's no contest. Dangerous? Probably. Worth it? Definitely!

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What good is a warp drive without a starship to put it in?
A ship-less warp drive (again, why are we assuming this?) would be as useful to me as a paperweight. If that's what bbjeg meant, then I guess I'd default to the transporter as I vociferously hate commuting.
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