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Stargate SG1: Were the Kull Warriors the most powerful troops?

Hey guys, I was re-watching some SG-1 episodes from season 7 and wow, the Kull Warriors were really menacing. I had forgotten how powerful they were.

In 'Evolution PT2', the Kull Warrior is injected with some kind of poison or sedative and then it just walks through a Tok'ra shield, and then this is followed up by heavy machine-gun fire, and to top it off, the Kull walks right through claymores and C4. It doesn't even appear to have taken any damage. The next encounter was 'Death Knell' where the Kull takes a missile to the face and it just stands up from the debris like nothing had even happened.

I wish we had seen some clips of the Kull fighting the Replicators. Considering how the Kull could absorb damage, I can imagine the Kull using their fists to beat down the Replicators to little, broken bits, "Hulk-smash" style. We never saw a Replicator take that kind of damage and keep moving forward. Does anyone know why we never saw a Kull vs a Replicator in Season 8? Especially in the episode 'Reckoning, Part 2' where the Replicators directly invade the Goa'uld domain.

I can't say I enjoyed the part of the Kull story where Carter comes up with a device that kills them in one shot with the golden-gun. Did anyone else not appreciate how the Kull were beaten? At first the Kull are unstoppable, but then after a couple encounters they're just shut down from one or two shots.

I didn't like how their story was folded either. It would have been interesting to see them fight the Ori or even better, imagine the Wraith trying to deal with the Kull. That would have been amazing.
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