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Re: Angst-Ridden Dating Rant #17

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For someone who does polyamory, you seem pretty insecure and angry toward this guy and about how how's trying to fuck up YOUR relationship toward this confused and rebounding girl. You seem to exhibit the same traits you accuse him of. But no matter. All I can say is, if this situation gets you this angry and worked up, best to just walk away. Relationships shouldn't inspire such vitriol. Only toxic situations do.
Most of the anger I displayed was exaggerated for effect. If I'm going to type a huge "me me ME!" wall of text and expect others to read it, the least I can do is make it somewhat entertaining, hence the bits about Odin. I'm angry about similar past experiences, with this particular situation I'm really just concerned about history repeating itself. I'm good at recognizing patterns, and this looks like a pattern. I want to go in prepared.

Everyone is insecure to some degree and occasionally angry, the polyamorous are no exception.

I realize that she is confused and rebounding, which is why I'm holding back and not actively pursuing a relationship with her at this time.

Pointing out that this may be a toxic situation is a good point. For some unknown reason, I'm attracted to women that produce toxic situations, it never ends well for me, and it's something I'm trying like hell to unlearn and avoid. Yet, every time I think I've finally found a situation that isn't toxic, it turns out I'm wrong. It's something I'm getting better at, but I have not yet been successful at.

I can tell this guy is a douchebag, but I've dealt with worse. He probably won't go for a Pyrrhic victory. If he becomes a problem, she will most likely tell him to fuck off, and he will most likely do so. I think what I'm most worried about is that I'm wrong about this yet again, and I will once again be reminded that I seemingly cannot escape situations like this unless I become celibate.

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Mead should never be refrigerated. I sure hope you are allowing it to warm before you drink it.
It says "serve chilled" on the bottle. It says it on all the bottles.
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